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Our Portfolios

We built solutions that work, piece by piece from idea to the final product and after launch. Hand-picked our best and most promising work below.


Roxy Hotel

Roxy Hotel always will be an eco-toursim champion in Sarawak by being strategically located throughout Sarawak to bring you the best experience and greatest peace-of-mind. Whether you come from afar, or one of their treasured local tourists exploring your own backyard, Roxy Hotel is glad to provide you with the same excellent service that carries their pride and joy of being servers of excellence in the hospitality industry.


Fiber One Asia

Fiber One Asia is one of the largest Audio-visual System Integrator in Singapore. They have regional offices in India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines.
Always at the forefront of technology, Fiber One Asia are pioneers in bringing new solutions to market. They often refer to our “Vision for Tomorrow” motto for the pursuit of innovation that drives their company to greater heights. This approach is coupled with an absolute commitment by their flexible and approachable team to meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Fiber One Asia work in partnership with all of their clients to provide tailored and bespoke solutions tailored to their needs.
From initial design consultation to deployment and managed services, Fiber One is your trusted technology partner.


Sarawak Plantation Berhad

Sarawak Plantation Berhad (SPB) was incorporated in Malaysia on 28 October 1997 as a private limited company under the name of Sarawak Plantation Sdn. Bhd. and commenced business in the same year. SPB was converted into a public company on 1 February 2000 and assumed its present name.
Sarawak Plantation Berhad (SP) was specially incorporated as the vehicle company for the privatisation of Sarawak Land Development Board’s (SLDB) assets.
The privatisation of SLDB’s assets, comprising oil palm plantations, milling facilities and related assets, was effected in 1997 through the transfer of SLDB’s assets to SPB Group
(comprising SPB and its subsidiaries).
The Group is principally engaged in the cultivation and
processing of oil palm into crude palm oil and palm kernel. Other businesses include seed production, cattle integration, provision
of laboratory and management services and property


The Sarawak Initiatives

The Sarawak Initiatives is a Civil Society for the people of Sarawak. The Sarawak Initiatives believes in laying the right foundations for a progressive and modern society.